Restoring Implants

Dental Implants are metal posts (usually titanium) that are surgically inserted into the bone to act as a root for an artificial tooth. The implant fuses to the bone over a four to six month period and once it is secure the artificial tooth (crown) can be mounted on top. Implants are a stable support for crowns, bridges or even dentures.

Benefits of implants:

  • Replaces missing teeth
  • Restores function (speech and chewing)
  • Maintains facial shape and appearance
  • Prevents drifting of teeth out of position
  • Easier to maintain than a fixed bridge or denture
  • No need to drill and prepare the adjacent teeth as opposed to a fixed bridge
  • Permanently fixed, non-removable

While we do not place the actual implant, we work closely with the oral surgeon or periodontist until the implant site has healed and the restoration (crown) can be placed. To find out if an implant is the right option for you, please contact us to schedule an appointment.